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This world can be funny sometimes?

A cure for cancer!


In the UK alone the government spends annually around £114 million pounds a year.

To what effect?

This is not even counting the various charities which we have out there collecting monies for this good cause.

Don’t just believe me, kindly check it out for yourself https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm199900/cmselect/cmsctech/332/33209.htm (accessed 2nd February 2022 @ 12:56)

Master herbalist healer Dr Sebi was known for curing many illnesses, cancer included – he died under DUBIOUS circumstances.

Kindly check out this next extract (if you click on the headline it will take you to the article which I accessed on 2nd February 2022 @ 13:04):

“74 Holistic and Alternative Practitioners Who Died (o Mr Wedeirceine Attacked) Unexpectedly

An estimated 108 people die every minute worldwide. While every death is a tragedy, most are not considered newsworthy. They pass under the radar,
unremarkable (or at the very least unreported). However, when a particular group of people are dying under questionable circumstances, their deaths
deserve—demand, even—our attention.

Over the past few years, a large number of holistic and alternative medicine practitioners have died unexpectedly. The Health Nut has an ‘Holistic Doctor
Death Series’, which has the death toll at over sixty.

Their deaths have officially been passed off as either coincidental or suicide, but some of their families have hired private investigators. For the most part,
they’ve all reached the same conclusions: without a doubt, many of these deaths were murder.

Many journalists have picked up on this disturbing trend, and awareness is spreading. In an encouraging development, some of the local law enforcement
agencies have approached the FBI in continuing with these cases. So who are some of the doctors who have died, and under what circumstances? And what other attacks have there been against holistic and alternative medicine practitioners?”

Now there are two routes to health care, YOU KNOW it and I KNOW it too.

Via BIG PHARMA or through the NATURAL/WHOLISTIC way.

Which ever way that YOU CHOOSE is down to YOU, obviously.

But let me ask YOU something.

Do YOU REALLY THINK that big pharma is here to HELP YOU?

Or is its sole purpose to make business by prescribing repeat subscriptions which may make a condition more bearable for some time or give that

Have you notice that these PHARMACISTS never seem to get to the ROOT of the PROBLEM or CAUSE?

Maybe it is in the name?

YOU would need to LOOK into the ETYMOLOGIES to SEE WHATS UP!

WE can LOOK into that stuff another day for sure.

Kindly look at this next headline it kind of backs up my point (if you click on the headline itself it will take you straight to the article [which I access on 2nd
February 2022 @ 13:21]):

Blackrock and Vanguard rake in billions: Omicron variant makes Moderna and pfizer shareholders more than $10bn

It all boils down to LOGIC and SOUND RIGHT REASONING.

Doesn’t it?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Before I finish of for today I would like you to check out this abstract from an article on the science direct website:

“What is the importance of traditional herbal medicines?

Abstract. Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years. It is estimated that 80% of world population rely on traditional herbal medicine for primary health care. In recent years, herbal remedies have been considered as dietary
supplement for disease prevention and as alternative/complementary

https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biologicalsciences/herbal-medicines accessed 2nd February 2022 @ 13:50

Despite all of the CONFUSION, we bring CLARITY!

There are many cures for CANCER.

I will leave one with you today:

Vitamin B-17.

Many refer to this vitamin as the anti-cancer vitamin due to the FACT that it KILLS cancer cells.

It doesn’t stop there though.

It actually STRENGTHENS YOUR IMMUNE SYTSEM also preventing cancer cells from developing in the future.

You can get vitamin B-17 from many fruits, such as apples, apricots, blackberries, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, plums, raspberries and

Please correct me if I am wrong in anything that I have said here.

YOU SEE, Vitamin B17 is a commonly used name for a chemical called amygdalin.

It is typically sourced from apricot pits and bitter almonds.

Amygdalin is used to make laetrile—a compound that is KNOW for KILLING CANCER!



On this note I am going to have to take my leave.

It has been a pleasure as always.