how are you?

Do you know what it takes in this life to see you through?

In a world of words, let us take a flight,

Let us explore the reasons why we write.

I’ll share with you family, alright,

Nine motivations that make pens ignite.

Firstwe write to express our hearts,

To capture emotions and all their intricate parts.

With ink as our vessel, we pour out the pain,

Or weave love’s tapestry with a heartfelt strain.

Secondwe write to preserve our tales,

To immortalise memories that time often veils.

Through stories and poems, we create a bond,

A legacy of words, forever beyond.

Third, we write to explore the unknown,

To venture into worlds where dreams are sown.

In realms of fantasy or realms of truth,

We find solace in writing, our fountain of youth.

Fourth, we write to inspire and ignite,

To kindle the flames of passion burning bright.

With words as our arrows, we aim for the stars,

To spark the minds of those who have strayed too far.

Fifthwe write to heal the wounds,

To soothe the hurting souls beneath the moon.

In verses and lines, we find our release,

A balm for the heartache that seeks our peace.

Sixth, we write to share knowledge wide,

To educate, inform, and serve as a guide.

With each word we pen, we illuminate,

Shedding light on the world’s uncertain state.

Seventh, we write to challenge the norms,

To question, to ponder, to transform.

Through poetry’s rebellion or prose’s critique,

We reshape the world with the power we speak.

Eighth, we write to connect with the soul,

To bridge the gaps that time can’t control.

With ink as our bridge, we cross the divide,

Uniting hearts, far and wide.

Ninthwe write to shine the light,

To expose the truths that hide in the night.

We also write to shine the light on all that is hiding in plain site.

With courage and passion, we take a stand,

Unmasking darkness in a world that demands.

Now, as for parenthood’s tale, I’ll convey,

A story of choices, the ‘right’ and the ‘gray’.


When dreams ignite our offspring’s tender hearts,

Support becomes the fuel that propels their start.

For in their dreams, they find their inner flame,

Unleashing talents and creativity, their claim.

To hold them back, to restrict their flight,

Is to dim their spirits, a tragic blight.

Their imagination, a precious gift bestowed,

Nurturing it, their true potential is sowed.

Let fears not infiltrate their innocent minds,

For dreams should soar on wings untwined.

Encourage their visions, let confidence grow,

Watch them flourish, let their talents show.

In their creative pursuits, let them roam free,

For it is through exploration, they truly see.

Unshackled from limits, they’ll reach new heights,

Unleashing the magic that within them ignites.

To shut down a dream that holds such great worth,

Is a misstep that may hinder its birth.

Instead, let wisdom guide your way,

Learn how to manage, to seize the day.

Guide your child’s path with love and care,

So they may navigate success and be aware.

Seek a money manager’s knowledgeable hand,

To help your SUN’S dreams and future expand.

By nurturing their talent and securing their gains,

You will set him on a course where victory reigns.

To those who write to expose what’s concealed,

Bringing forth the truths that the world needs revealed,

Embrace the chance, for your voice has a might,

To pierce through the darkness, to shine a bright light.

To support your journey, this offer I extend,

A masterclass, seven days to attend,

With a voucher code granting a fifty percent fee,

A gift to empower those who dare to be free.

So, let’s embrace the power of words, my friend,

Let us write our stories until the very end.

For in our words, we find our truest voice,

A means to change the world, and to rejoice.

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